Commission statement on Right Wing Resistance leaflets

The Human Rights Commission has been contacted by a number of people about an offensive leaflet that has been distributed to letterboxes in Auckland and Christchurch.

The leaflet says “Stop the Asian Invasion: Join the Resistance”. It is distributed by a small group of individuals who call themselves the “Right Wing Resistance”.

People have contacted the Commission concerned about this action. They say they feel upset, angry and threatened. The Commission shares their concern.

Inciting racial disharmony can be an offence under the Human Rights Act, though New Zealand’s due regard for freedom of speech means any prosecution by the police needs the assent of the Attorney-General.

The Commission is liaising with the Police. It understands the police are monitoring the group to ensure their activity does not become criminal.

People wishing to contact the Commission can call freephone number 0800 496877, email or click here for more information. The Commission can provide interpreters if necessary.

委员会关于右翼抵抗组织散 发传单的声明 Commission’s statement on Right Wing Resistance leaflets – Simplified Chinese

委 員會針對右翼抵制勢力 (Right Wing Resistance) 傳 單的 聲 明 Commission statement on Right Wing Resistance leaflets – Traditional Chinese

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