EEO Commissioner supports accountants’ effort to reduce gender pay gaps

Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Dr Judy McGregor strongly supports the call for New Zealand accountancy firms to tackle their gender pay gaps.

“It is of concern but it is no surprise that the gender pay gap is as high in the accountancy profession as 23 per cent overall. However, it is fantastic to see a peak body, the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants, (NZICA) taking a leadership role to make the gap visible so that good employers can start to do something about it.”

The Commission has been advocating for transparency of pay rates by gender so that industry sectors can start to urgently address their pay equality and pay equity gaps once they know about them.

Publication of the data by the NZICA will also allow individual women working within the profession to ask whether they are receiving the going rate for their level of experience.

Dr McGregor said: “Female accountants at every level should now be asking their employees at the time of annual salary and remuneration reviews whether they are receiving equal pay and asking for some evidence within their firms of that.


“What is startling is that even at the beginning of their careers women appear to be earning up to $7664 a year less than men in full time roles.  This means that young professional women need to be negotiating their way into firms on the same basis as men and that accountancy firms should urgently review their pay strategies to ensure that this happens,” says Dr McGregor.

Click here for the media release NZCIA calls on employers to tackle gender pay gap

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