Submission on Marriage Equality Bill presented to Select Committee

The Human Rights Commission presented its submission on the marriage equality bill to the government Administration Select Committee at Parliament today.

Chief Commissioner David Rutherford and Commissioner Richard Tankersley said the Commission’s role was to uphold respect for the dignity and human rights of all New Zealanders,  including affirming –

  • the right to freedom from unjust discrimination, for all New Zealanders, and
  • the right to freedom of religious belief, thought and conscience for all New Zealanders.

The Commission’s submission said that not issuing a marriage licence to a same sex couple, who but for their sex or sexual orientation would be otherwise permitted to marry, is a clear breach of their human rights.

The submission also stated that for the law to allow any celebrant to be required to conduct a marriage that the celebrant does not agree with, because of their belief, thought, or conscience is a breach of their human rights.  Click here for a copy of the submission on the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill submission

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