Making Complaints Guide

The Human Rights Commission has published a guide to help people make a complaint about a service or treatment received for a mental health issue. It explains what to do if people are not happy with how they have been treated because of their mental illness. It outlines complaints services available, the type of complaints they handle and how to contact them.

Download Making Complaints – a guide for mental health service users (PDF 1.3Mb, Word 900Kb).

The Commission and Auckland Disability Law hosted the official launch on Thursday 7 October, 2010.

13 Oct 2010 12 19 00 MentalHlthGuide launch 05 Making Complaints Guide 13 Oct 2010 12 21 33 MentalHlthGuide launch 18 Making Complaints Guide
Shae Ronald, Human Rights Commission External Relations Mangaer, and Nicola Owen, Auckland Disability Law Development Manager Judi Clements, Mental Health Foundation Chief Executive
13 Oct 2010 12 21 21 MentalHlthGuide launch 17 Making Complaints Guide 13 Oct 2010 12 20 56 MentalHlthGuide launch 11 Making Complaints Guide
Taimi Allan, Like Minds Like Mine Team Leader Musician sam RB
13 Oct 2010 12 20 13 MentalHlthGuide launch 06 Making Complaints Guide
Ivan Yeo, Like Minds Mental Health Promoter, sam RB, Judi Clements, and Judi Strid, Office of the Health and Disability Commissioner Director of Advocacy

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