Crown Entities: Ageing Workforce Survey

In September the Commission in partnership with The Office for Senior Citizens, OCG Consulting and Lonergan Research Ltd conducted an ageing workforce survey with Crown entities

What’s Working: Improving Equal Employment Opportunities in the public service

‘What’s Working’ identifies what is working as we strive for fair and equitable employment for all New Zealand workers, across all groups, in the public sector workforce. Read the report here.

Crown Entities and Good Employer Annual Report Review 

The Commission’s “Crown Entities and the Good Employer” web application allows Crown entities to track their progress towards meeting their good employer obligations across years and compare themselves to other Crown Entities. View the web application.

The Right To Work: Maximising The Employment Potential Of Young New Zealanders

Young people are our future wage earners, decision makers and leaders. However, for many young  people in Aotearoa New Zealand their right to work is greatly hindered. This report looked for examples of effective solutions that have resulted in increased youth employment for these groups. Read The Right To Work.

Tracking Equality at Work

This report looks beyond the basic employment data to illustrate where New Zealand sits in terms of labour force participation. Read Tracking Equality at Work.


Caring counts

How well do we value our carers? The Commission has released its report into equal employment opportunities in the aged care workforce. Read the report and its recommendations.

National Conversation about work

The National Conversation about work is a nationwide project to spark debate about what matters in the workplace. Visit the website and Have Your Say About Work.

National Equal Opportunities Network

For news, information and resources on EEO go to For publications and resources click here. For information about discrimination and how to make a complaint cick here. For more information about former EEO Commissioner Dr Judy McGregor click here.

Reporting on Crown entities as good employers

The Commission monitors Crown entities’ good employer policies.

Census of Women’s Participation

The Census looks at how women fare in many areas of professional and public life. View more information and download the Census here

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