What happens?

Staff will provide information to try to help solve your complaint. If your complaint looks like unlawful discrimination, one of our mediators will get in touch. The mediator will help both parties in a dispute to find possible solutions.

Mediators don’t take sides, but will ensure that what happens is fair. Most complaints are sorted out by informal intervention or mediation. The results can include an apology, an agreement not to do the same thing in the future, education or training, and compensation.

The Commission has published a set of guidelines Resolving discrimination and harassment- a guide to making and responding to a complaint under the Human Rights Act 1993 (Word).

What if mediation doesn’t work?

Mediation settles most complaints. If it does not work out, a complainant can take their issue to the Human Rights Review Tribunal. This is like a court. You can apply for free legal representation to the Office of Human Rights Proceedings.

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