Structure of the Commission

The membership of the Commission is determined by Section 7 of the Human Rights Act, which states that the Commission shall consist of a Chief Commissioner, a Race Relations Commissioner, an Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) Commissioner and up to five other part-time Human Rights Commissioners.

The Commissioners are responsible for governance of the organisation. This includes defining the organisation’s strategic direction and policies, undertaking international responsibilities and being accountable for the overall performance of the Commission.

The Executive Director and staff are responsible for operations. This includes the implementation of Commission policies and all aspects of service delivery. The Commission comprises the following operational teams and positions:

  • Corporate Services Team: This team delivers high quality, reliable and cost effective corporate services. It has the responsibility to deliver on the Commission’s four major statutory functions while also contributing to the realisation of its strategic objectives.
  • Disputes Resolution Team: The role of this team is to assist people who are in dispute about a potential human rights breach to achieve a satisfactory resolution to their concerns.
  • External Relations Team: This team works to establish and maintain effective relationships in the community while also providing high quality education and communication about the Commission’s four major statutory functions.
  • Strategic Policy Team: Responsible for providing policy, research, legal, monitoring and evaluation services.
  • Ahi Kaa: Two Kaiwhakarite work within the Ahi Kaa team to provide leadership on human rights issues as they impact on Māori, and assist the Commission to promote those issues throughout the community.


HRC Organisational Chart UNNAMED VERSION 06052014 Structure of the Commission

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Human Rights Commission Organisational Chart (Accessible Version): HRC Organisational Chart – 06 May 2014 – accessible version

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