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National project on gender reassignment health services for trans people

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Counties Manukau DHB (CMDHB) was funded to manage a small national project looking at Gender Reassignment Health Services for trans people in NZ. On 1 August 2011 the project’s good practice guide for health professionals was published on the Ministry of Health’s website. The Ministry will look at seeking funding for reviewing this document in 2 years time, which is the normal practice for guidance such as this.

Five trans people sat on the project’s Reference Group and reported back to the wider community through video/teleconferences organised by the Human Rights Commission. A final video / teleconference will be held in late August. The date and time will be advertised here as soon as it is confirmed.

The CMDHB project team  has previously acknowledged and thanked everyone  for the feedback received and the number of submissions made. They stated “ the final draft has included many, but not all, suggested changes made in submissions.   This document is a first of its kind in New Zealand.  It is primarily guidance for health professionals, and it is acknowledged that it provides a snapshot in a time of change”.

Public consultation process February 2011

On 7 February CMDHB released the draft guide for GPs, counsellors and other health professionals for public comments.  The 2 week consultation period closed on 21 February.

Download  submissions from:

Download the Draft Gender Reassignment Health Services for Trans People within NZ Guide (including appendices [PDF] or a Word version without the appendices.

The draft guide was also  available on the Healthpoint website and on the FaceBook page setup by the trans Reference Group members and was circulated in a special edition ofthe To Be Who I Am email newsletter on Tuesday 8 February. The Human Rights Commission and trans reps on the project’s Reference Group held a community video / teleconference on 14 February. This informed a submission made by the  trans reps. Wellington health professionals also met that day to discuss the draft guide.

Community feedback to CMDHB project team

Nearly fifty people attended the trans health hui held at Papatuanuku Kokiri marae on Saturday 27 November. The afternoon event commemorated Transgender Day of Remembrance and was a chance to collect ideas and experiences from whakawahine, tangata ira tane, fa’afafine, fakaleiti and akava’ine in South Auckland. Read the November hui notes (Word) which were given to the CMDHB project team.

It had been hoped to hold a second follow-up hui as another way for people  to give feedback on the draft resource that CMDHB has written. However there is not time to organise that within the two week consultation period.

Read the community comments the trans reps presented at the 18 October (180Kb PDF) and 23 August (PDF or Word) 2010 Reference Group meetings. The trans reps collated these comments from the community video-conferences, their Facebook page, emails and other discussions with trans people.

Read minutes from:

5th trans rep selected

In the July 2010 issue of the To Be Who I Am e-newsletter the Commission introduced the two trans women and two trans men selected to be on the Reference Group for this national project. The August Reference Group meeting agreed to add a 5th trans rep, whakawahine Shannon Anahera White from the Commission’s extended panel of trans reps. So the full 5 reps are now:

  • Shannon White, Auckland
  • Amie Clisby, Wellington
  • Cathy Parker, Auckland
  • Joey MacDonald, Dunedin
  • Max Lawson, Auckland.

Your support is needed:

  • Register with CMDHB for more information and/or to be on their database of health professionals working with trans people.
  • Read the flyer (PDF 175Kb) and terms of reference (PDF 242Kb), which can also be downloaded from the Healthpoint website.
  • Share these links and information with trans people, health professionals and others interested in the health services trans people require to transition.
  • Sign up to be on the Human Rights Commission’s To Be Who I Am email newsletter, to receive updates about the project.
  • Join the FaceBook group which trans people have set up as an internet forum for project feedback and discussion. Anyone who is interested can ask to join. Comments published on this site will be summarised by the four trans reps and relayed back to the full project reference group.

Read more background information about this project.

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