Transgender Inquiry Summary of Submissions

The Human Rights Commission’s Transgender Inquiry published a Summary of Submissions received from the first round of public consultation. The Transgender Inquiry has looked at three key areas: personal experiences of discrimination; difficulties accessing health services; and the barriers transgender people face when trying to have their gender status legally recognised on documents like birth certificates and passports. The Summary of Submissions was used as a discussion document for a second round of public meetings in April.

Any comments are very welcome. If possible, please send them to (or phone 09 375 8647) by Monday 14 May.

The Transgender Inquiry will produce a final report in September.

Click the following links to read this document in your preferred format:

  • PDF (285kb)
  • Word (270kb)
  • HTML
  • Uiuinga Taitamatane, Taitamawahine Hoki He Whakarapopotanga o nga Tono [Maori Language translation of Introduction) [HTML, PDF (129kb) or Word (50kb)]
  • Su’esu’ega e uiga i fa’afafine: Otootoga o Finagalo Fa’aalia (Samoan language translation of Introduction) [HTML, PDF (21kb) or Word (49kb)]

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