Religion in New Zealand Schools

This paper ‘Religion in New Zealand Schools – Questions and Concerns’ has been prepared by the Human Rights Commission and Professor Paul Morris of Victoria University.

The paper is based on frequently asked questions and concerns about religion in schools, with a focus on state primary schools. It sets out relevant legislation about religion in schools and is intended to act as a resource for Boards of Trustees, Principals and the wider school community in thinking about how schools can give a place to religion whilst ensuring security and dignity for all.

The document has its origins in a series of presentations delivered at the Diversity Forum in 2007. An initial draft was presented to the 2008 Diversity Forum and subsequently revised after consultation with a variety of individuals and groups. Before finalising and publishing the paper further input was sought from people and organisations with a particular expertise or interest in this area.

Religion in New Zealand Schools – Questions and concerns (PDF 333Kb) or read the HTML version of Religion in NZ Schools.

Religion in New Zealand Schools was launched at the 2009 NZ Diversity Forum.

Read the media release.

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