Nothing about us, without us

People affected by the earthquakes have the right to have their say on decisions that affect them. To do this, they need access to information about how these decisions are made, and how they can voice their concerns or make appeals.

This section collects in one place the review or appeal rights for common situations people in Canterbury are facing.

This information comes from the websites of the Christchurch City Council, CERA, Fletcher Earthquake Recovery, the Office of the Ombudsmen and from research by the Human Rights Commission.

Some review and or appeal rights relate to a particular issue and others apply in most, if not all, situations.

Declining the government’s offer


General HRC information on accommodation, property, landlords and human rights

General Zoning Issues

Obtaining reasons for decisions made by CERA about you

Obtaining reasons for decisions made by a council about you

Other rights of review/appeal

Red sticker notices

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United Voices earthquake protest, September 2012


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