May, 2009
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World Refugee Day

The global theme for this year’s World Refugee Day (June 20) is “Real People, Real Needs” as set by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Despite the efforts of many, the needs of refugees worldwide are far from being met. Behind these unmet needs are not just numbers but real people with real stories.

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National Refugee Resettlement Forum

The Department of Labour will be hosting the annual National Refugee Resettlement Forum (NRRF) on May 27 & 28 at the Westpac Trust Stadium in Wellington.

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Refugee Quota and Status Branch

The March 2009 intake of UNHCR mandated quota refugees have completed the six week orientation programme at Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre. Refugees have moved to their new homes where they will continue to be supported by various agencies in the settlement process. The nationalities, numbers and settlement areas are:

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ESOL Home Tutors becomes English Language Partners New Zealand

After a year-long review of the former name, members at ESOL Home Tutors’ 2009 AGM voted unanimously to adopt the name ‘English Language Partners New Zealand’. The new name will be officially launched on May 15 at the association’s annual conference in Auckland.

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Refugee Voices: Global Education Centre Resource

A reminder that the Global Education Centre has issued ‘Refugee Voices’, a useful teaching resource about the experiences of people who have come to NZ as refugees. It comes with a CD of their recordings.

Local Refugee Focus Committee in Palmerston North

Former refugee groups in Palmerston North have met together to start initial planning for a local Refugee Focus Committee. Attending were representatives from the Congolese, Bhutanese, Burmese, Rwandan, Cambodian and Somalia communities.

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Umma Trust World Refugee Day Event

The youth group of Umma Trust are organising a fundraising event for World Refugee Day Event. It will consist of cultural items, a fashion show and speech from refugee leaders and young people. The event will be held on June 27 at Fickling Centre from 6.00pm.

Earthless Trees Launch: Refugees tell life tales

Young refugee authors are to tell stories from their own lives at the launch of their new book on May 20 at Massey University. Earthless Trees, is a book of short stories about the struggles faced by refugees, both living in their own country, and moving to a new one. Three of the four authors are planning to talk about their personal life experiences at the event launching the book.

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Did You Know?

The Moradi Decision

An oral judgement was issued by Judge Sharp in Auckland’s District Court on April 2nd in the case of Reza Moradi (appellant) and Land Transport New Zealand respondent). Mr Moradi, recently granted refugee status, had applied to Land Transport New Zealand for a passenger endorsement on his driver’s licence.

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