August, 2010
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News & Issues

Only one week to go! Register for the 2010 NZ Diversity Forum NOW!

The Annual New Zealand Diversity Forum is being held at the Christchurch Convention Centre on Sunday 22 and Monday 23 August.

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What do you think about a regional processing centre for asylum seekers?

Amnesty International Aotearoa is seeking information to allow it to respond more fully to Australia’s suggestion of establishing a regional processing centre. This would target asylum seekers arriving by boat in Australian waters and is currently being proposed as a “Pacific Solution”.

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Career practitioners needed to establish the Refugee Youth Action Network

Refugees as Survivors New Zealand (RASNZ) has recently engaged in a collaborative venture to establish the Refugee Youth Action Network (RYAN).The initiative involves the Umma Trust, Ethnic Youth Trust, Ministry of Social Development, ASB Community Trust, and refugee advocacy groups.

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Watch a teenager’s transition from refugee to citizen

Southern Moon Productions have recently released an updated version of the educational video A Girl From Glen Innes. The film features Tinmama Oo, a 13-year-old refugee from Burma, during her final year at high school.

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The Southern Corridor Project: Artistic collaboration across communities

The Southern Corridor Project is a socially engaged arts project between and within the Māori, Somali and artistic communities in South Wellington.

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Refugee Profile: Khadra Mohamed, English Language Partners

Khadra Mohamed, a refugee from Somalia, has recently taken up a newly-established national role as Client Relationships Developer for English Language Partners, formerly ESOL Home Tutors.

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Future Events

Attend the annual Asylum Forum in Auckland

On Wednesday 25 August, the annual Asylum Forum will be held specifically for asylum seekers and Convention refugees, and for those who work with them. It is co-ordinated by government and non-government sectors to provide an opportunity for information sharing and discussion with the wider community.

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