Race Relations in 2011

Race relations report 2011 for web 1 Race Relations in 2011The Commission’s annual review of race relations, Tūi Tūi Tuituiā – Race relations in 2011 has been published. It is available in PDF (HTML versions of the chapters will be available soon).

The full review is available or individual chapters can be downloaded. Your feedback would be appreciated.

Race relations in 2011 (6Mb)

1. Introduction (PDF 1Mb) (Chapter 1 HTML Introduction)

2. NZ race relations and international treaties (PDF 1Mb) (Chapter 2 NZ race relations and international treaties HTML)

3. Action on diversity (PDF 1Mb) (Chapter 3 Action on diversity HTML)

4. Discrimination and harassment (PDF 1Mb) (Chapter 4 Discrimination and harassment HTML)

5. The Treaty relationship (PDF 1Mb) (Chapter 5 The Treaty relationship HTML)

6. Inequalities (PDF 1Mb) (Chapter 6 Inequalities HTML)

7. Migration and settlement (PDF 1Mb) (Chapter 7 Migration and settlement HTML)

8. Language (PDF 1Mb) (Chapter 8 Language HTML)

9. Media (PDF 1Mb) (Chapter 9 Media HTML)

10. Religious diversity (PDF 1Mb) (Chapter 10 Religious diversity HTML)

11. Diversity research (PDF 1Mb) (Chapter 11 Diversity research HTML)

 The Commission would appreciate your feedback on this report.

Research informing the 2011 review:


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