Accommodating Religious Diversity in our Health Services

Every year at the Diversity Forum there is a religious diversity forum on an issue addressed in the Statement on Religious Diversity .  This year’s forum will be on Monday 20 August and will focus on accommodating religious diversity  in our health services.

The Human Rights Commission has obtained material on policy and practices in the health sector with a view to developing guidelines in association with the Victoria University Religious Studies Programme. Information received from District Health Boards includes: 

  • policies regarding religious diversity, for example in meeting specific needs of patients of diverse beliefs
  • information for staff about diverse religious belief
  • guidelines for staff on accommodating diverse religious beliefs
  • facilities provided to accommodate the religious requirements of patients
  • practices in accommodating diverse religious beliefs for example  in diet, prayers, modesty, washing etc

Professor Paul Morris from Victoria University’s Religious Studies Programme and author of Human Rights Commission guidelines on religion in schools and religious diversity in the workplace will analyse the information provided by District Health Boards, identify gaps, and provide an outline of what could be included in guidelines for the health service. This will be followed by a panel discussion including representatives from diverse communities and District Health Boards.


Date: Monday, 20 August
Time: 11am-1230pm
Hosted by: Human Rights Commission and Victoria University Religious Studies Programme

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