Rainbow Spirit and Interfaith

A facilitated discussion of invited participants from two groups, firstly from the Rainbow – or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) – Communities, and secondly from various faith traditions who are involved in the Interfaith Movement.

Many Rainbow people are equally as spiritual as everyone else, yet a great many of these feel they are required to choose the one aspect of themselves over the other. The initial questions we will ask our participants to address are: “Where are the safe points of connection between Rainbow people and faith traditions, and with the interfaith movement?” and “How can these be helped to develop?”

Others who register for this session will form the audience for the discussions in the first part of the session, and will be invited to participate in the discussions in second part of the session.

This is a new area of dialogue for the Diversity Forum and the focus in the session is on developing dialogue and finding ways forward.


Date: Sunday 19 August
Time: 3.30-5pm
Hosted by: Human Rights Commission

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