Access Tourism New Zealand

Access Tourism New Zealand works to improve inclusion by promoting the development of Access Tourism for people with disabilities, seniors, and our ageing population. By showing the tourism industry and government that the disabilities/seniors market is already large (1 Billion people worldwide already have a disability) and is set to grow (disabilities increase with age), and that this is a market they are missing out on, Access Tourism hopes to focus their attention on catering for this market.

To profit from this market, the tourism industry must improve access and improve information about access in order to improve their own bottom line. Once the tourism industry is seen to benefit from improving access, other sectors will take note. In other words, Access Tourism is using the profit motive to encourage access and thus to improve social inclusion of a marginalised group.

Visit the website of Access Tourism New Zealand.

Project 2011

Frequent posts to the website about developments in Access Tourism worldwide as an encouragement to the New Zealand industry and government.

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