Adult Reading Assistance Scheme (Christchurch) Inc.

Adult Reading Assistance Scheme (Christchurch) Inc. provides free assistance to adults in Christchurch requiring communication and literacy skills. It is an organisation of 300-400 students and tutors, and provides one-to-one tuition with reading, writing, spelling, numeracy and basic computer skills. ARAS also helps adults with their individual needs (such as Driver’s Licences, CVs and more).

ARAS has currently up to 100 one-to-one student/ tutor pairs and ten groups including three literacy groups; a wheelchair group; a drivers licence group; a maths group; a whanau group; a lollipops (parents and children) group; a Kiwi English group; and an ‘In, Out and About’ Group (6 hours a week).

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Project 2011
‘Read with ease at ARAS’

The project provides free one-to-one assistance in literacy for unlimited times.

ARAS Group Tuition

The project provides assistance to self-motivated adults with their reading, writing, numeracy, driver’s licences, speaking and spelling, and communication skills. ARAS tutors students from the Pacific Islands, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Afghanistan, Argentina, Ireland, Iran and NZ. We also train tutors from NZ, Great Britain, the United States, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, and from NZ Māori backgrounds.

Contact Persons: Maureen Vance (Manager), Kelly Chen (Receptionist)


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