All Corners

All Corners tells peoples’ stories through creative and interactive street level projects. It explores and celebrates the vibrancy of our community in Aotearoa. These projects aim to provoke people to consider how they identify with those who live around them; who they pass on the street; those people in our classrooms and workplaces. Through creative expression, All Corners seeks to inspire peoples’ curiosity into the stories of those around us.

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Project 2011
Life Stills: An Exhibition

Life Stills is a photo exhibition planned for March 2012. It will be held in a public space and tell the stories of people of Wellington in their daily lives. Life Stills links a culturally diverse group of photographers with an equally diverse range of people from the community. Together the photographer and the people being photographed will produce a storyboard that tells the story of some aspect of their daily lives.

The aim of Life Stills is to engage with the curiosity that people often have around how people live their daily lives; provide a creative medium for people to be able to tell their stories; and begin to reduce the fear that many have about people from different cultural backgrounds living in Aotearoa by presenting a small glimpse into peoples’ daily lives.

Contact:  Hannah Mackintosh

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