Auckland International Cultural Festival 2011

Auckland’s free International Cultural Festival is a fascinating celebration of the food, dance, sport, art and craft of a vast array of cultures and traditions. This community-oriented event hums to an entertainment showcase of traditional performances across three stages and sports activities.

Over 100 stalls will offer traditional foods from around the world, arts and crafts, clothing and fair trade goods. Many of the food stalls are run by families and community groups and festival attendees have the opportunity to sample products from over 48 nations.

If you love trying different food, listening to ethnic music and meeting people from other cultures then the Auckland International Cultural Festival is just the event for you.

Established in 1992, the festival has become a great opportunity for refugees and migrants to have a sense of place and belonging, while displaying with pride the cultural variety they bring to the Auckland region.

Projects 2011
The Malaysia Kitchen

Tantalise your taste buds at the Malaysia Kitchen pavilion which celebrates and promotes the cultural diversity and heritage of Malaysian cuisine. Try a range of authentic traditional delicacies to complex gourmet fusions of subtle flavours and rich spices.

Making tracks – live!

Music is our universal language, and we’re mixing it up live with Nick D. See your favourite Kiwi artists partner with Ethiopian musicians to create a unique cultural collaboration – all mixed live!

Art and music of Indonesia

See the Wayang Shadow Puppets come to life with the Auckland Gamelan Orchestra. You could also try one of our Chintamani batik craft workshops or chill out to the tranquil tones of the Wellington Gamelan Padhang Moncar that features many Indonesian instruments.

Loy Krathong Wishing Stream

We’re bringing the Thai festival, Loy Krathong to Aotearoa! Loy meaning ‘to float’ and krathong, a ‘raft’ – make your own beautiful krathong from a banana tree trunk, decorate it with flowers, set it afloat and make a wish.

Auckland International Cultural Festival 2011 is proudly provided by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development Ltd on behalf of Auckland Council and is supported by the Malaysia Kitchen Programme and Mediaworks Radio.

For more information, please contact Helen Cheng

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