Bulwagan Foundation Trust

The Bulwagan Foundation Trust is a registered charitable trust that, at its very core, believes in celebrating humanity.

In expressing this more visibly, it is embarking on taking its plans for building a multi-purpose Community Centre in Wellington up to the next level. And largely with the support of government, grant-making foundations and trusts, and individuals who share the same beliefs and values, it hopes to accomplish that sooner with adequate project funding streams. So, we’re going to need a lot of help from you to make those things happen.

Filipinos are a people on the move. They’ve become at home in the world. In their search for relevant work and careers, a different lifestyle, better opportunity for their children or just plain wanderlust, they have reconfigured their new ‘homes’ abroad with relationships – especially fa-mily ties, or family-like ties where there are none, rather than geography as the defining ele-ment of what a home and being at home means.

Through individual initiative or with the support provided by whānau, personal networks, government agencies or non-government organisations, Filipino migrants all over the world tear through the veils of isolation to build a home wherever they are.

Culturally, the Bulwagan Foundation Trust represents all this and more. We welcome you to explore our main website and learn more about us and the community we serve in Wellington, New Zealand.

In time, as our membership grows on the ground and on the Web, we aim is to translate all this into a more permanent brick-and-mortar expression — a multi-purpose Community Centre.

Projects 2011
Community Centre Building Project

The literal translation of the Filipino term ‘Bulwagan’ is “hall”.

In 1999, with the increasing number of Filipinos migrating to Wellington, Christina (Bing) Pan-garuy (nee Eguna) saw a need to build a Filipino Community Centre that all Filipinos in New Zealand can proudly call their own by providing 

  • a community centre where Filipino-New Zealanders (Filipino-Kiwis) can learn about their traditions and heritage;
  • a community centre where Filipino Culture and Heritage could be preserved and perpe-tuated and where Philippine history and artifacts can be permanently housed, displayed, and promoted in Wellington and shared with the rest of New Zealand;
  • a community centre where social contact and exchange through cultural and performing arts, recreational activities and sports events between Filipino-Kiwis with the wider commu-nity is encouraged through a multi-purpose facility;
  • a place where the awareness and respect for special status of Māori people as Tangata Whenua can also be taught;
  • a place where different forms of religious and spiritual beliefs can be practised and en-couraged;
  • a place made available for lease to small businesses, whānau, and commercial enterpri-ses; and,
  • a place that will help advance the charitable aims of the Foundation.

The number of Filipinos arriving in Wellington these days has grown exponentially and the call for a community centre at affordable prices rings louder. However this Project cannot be achiev-ed without the support of the community along with those of its friends, supporters and fund-ers. 

So even whilst the Bulwagan Foundation Trust continues to raise funds for this singular pur-pose, its desire to produce meaningful outcomes for all its stakeholders in the community now focuses more on improving its limited access to appropriate, effective and affordable capacity-building activities. 

Contact: trustee@bulwagan.org.nz

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