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The Canterbury Business Association promotes business success and equal employment opportunities for migrants.

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Projects 2011
Business Network Meetings

These regular business network meetings are a good platform to get together, swap business cards and get to know fellow community business owners, business enthusiasts and future successful entrepreneurs, as well as an opportunity for information seminars and presentations of supporting agencies. The Networking Meetings will now be expanded to an Expo Style  format with opportunities for migrant business persons to exhibit their wares, get information on building their businesses for import and export and we will also introduce a mentoring and coaching system to help migrants and ethnic persons in business.


The CBA sends out regular monthly e-newsletters to CBA members. The newsletter will no expand with quarterly business journal, featuring, advice,  analyses  and advertising on behalf of immigrant and ethnic business persons,  including  the distribution of important information on behalf of other ethnic groups in Christchurch.

Multi-cultural Events

The CBA supports and co-hosts multi-cultural events, such as shows and performances. The Association is organising a  5km Walk with the office of the MP Nicky Wagner. The Telethon to raise Funds for the Christchurch Earthquake is part of the nationally televised Rise Up Christchurch Fundraising event to be held on May 22nd 2011. The Association also hopes to raise funds by hosting some cultural events in Christchurch to help  provide an outlet for entertainment and for people to relax in Christchurch whilst they also contribute to a good cause and have artists involved in this good cause.

Earthquake Relief Projects

the Association is doing a Survey on behalf of the Office of Ethnic Affairs to gauge how ethnic business persons are coping since the earthquake , and see how they can best be supported going forward.

The Association is organising regular information seminars to assist Ethnic Business Persons through this period of recovery. Three seminars have already been organised since February, and have dealt with matters related to Insurance, Funding for recovery and Property related matters. Speakers are invited  from government , and private business to assist ethnic business persons with questions they have regarding the recovery process.  

The Association is gearing itself to deal directly with CERA and feedback into government and is establishing a business round table with representatives from a cross section of ethnic business persons to help tailor ideas and support systems for ethnic business persons towards recovery. Currently The CBA CEO, is  co-ordinating the OEA established business subgroup which is co-ordinating the govt information responses to ethnic business persons through this time.

The Association hopes to produce a report to initially feedback to the Min of Ethnic Affairs and other relevant government ministries by middle of the year.  The Association has submitted a nominee to the CERA Community Forum

Migrant Mentoring  and Student Internship Programme

The Canterbury Business Association runs a migrant mentoring programme for skilled job seekers, a buddy system that helps migrants to understand what they can do to access work within New Zealand businesses. The scheme will be re-launched in 2011 and an  official launch is planned for the second half of the year  in Christchurch with  MP Nicky Wagner the programme will expand to include the new partners CPIT, and other tertiary providers will be asked to expand the programme and support immigrant students who are wanting to carry out  internships towards finishing off their studies and also refugees who are wanting voluntary work experience.

You can read more about the launch online. To participate or to find our more details about the programme email us or call Taz (027 273 8815/ 03 379 4222).

Community Meeting on Insurance for businesses affected by the Earthquake

CBA will hold a Community Meeting on Insurance for businesses affected by the Earthquake. There will be  representatives and managers from Vero, Rothbury as well as representatives from Recover Canterbury. Te Wanaga will be offering their free business recovery courses and Sophie (an Accredited Mentor) will be offering businesses an opportunity for her Mentoring Advice through this time.

The meeting will be held at MIDDLETON GRANGE PRIMARY SCHOOL (Main School Hall), 50 Acacia Avenue.

Date : 19th July 2011
Time : 5.30PM – 7.30PM

Drums of Africa 2011

Drums of Africa 2011 will be held on Saturday 10 December 10 from 3pm to 9pm at the Middleton Grange Primary School Hall, 50 Acacia Avenue. The event will feature African artwork and displays, free African Food and various performances.

Adults $10.00 Children $5.00 Family $15

Contact: Taz Mukorombindo,


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