Canterbury Refugee Council

The Canterbury Refugee Council represents the refugee communities in the Canterbury region and aims to collect and disseminate information, and work with the communities at a grass roots level. The Council is supported by Canterbury Community Trust, Department of Internal Affairs, Department of Labour Settlement Support, Ministry of Social Development and Family and Community Services.

Projects 2011

Contributing to the National Refugee Network

The Canterbury Refugee Council continues to contribute to the National Refugee Network and advocate for a National Refugee Resettlement Strategy.

Support for earthquake recovery

Members of the Canterbury Refugee Council committee are visiting every refugee family in the Canterbury region, post-earthquake, in order to check on their well being and advocate on their behalf should the need arise. This task began in September of 2010 and will continue well into 2011.

Strengthening Refugee Voices (SRV)

Strengthening Refugee Voices is an initiative to support all former refugee people and communities in Canterbury to be able to have a say in the issues that concern them, such as housing, funeral rights, employment, language, representation, health and family safety. The project is steered by a working group which comprises of two representatives from each refugee community in Canterbury. The working group is facilitated by Development Plus Ltd.

Cultural events

The Canterbury Refugee Council regularly supports and hosts a range of cultural events, in collaboration with other NGOs and organisations in the sector. More details will be available through the year.

For more information contact Canterbury Refugee Council.

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