Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research

The Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research is a multi-disciplinary applied research centre that responds to the challenges of globalisation, migration and growing cultural diversity within societies. Through sound theory and research, CACR fosters:

  • an understanding of cross-cultural similarities and differences
  • an acceptance of cultural diversity, and
  • the development of effective strategies to improve inter-cultural communication and enhance intercultural relations for the benefit of individuals, groups, organisations and the wider society.
Projects 2011
Ongoing Research

CACR directors, fellows, associate researchers and postgraduates are constantly pursuing a wide range of diversity research projects. The CACR website provides detailed descriptions of many of these projects.

National Forum for Diversity Research and Race Relations Report chapter

In partnership with the Human Rights Commission, CACR is leading and sharing key diversity research initiatives. As part of the New Zealand Diversity Forum 2011, CACR will run the National Forum for Diversity Research, giving diversity researchers an opportunity to lead the discussion on diversity research and giving others a chance to hear about new findings and new directions. As part of the annual Race Relations Report, CACR will prepare a chapter on the year in diversity research.

Building and maintaining networks

‘Strength in diversity’ reflects both our mission and the organising principle for how we work. CACR coordinates a national and international network of leading researchers in diversity and cross-cultural issues. Through this network members can access a broad range of interconnected research interests. CACR also serves as a hub to link researchers with government policy makers and community/NGO end-users, as CACR maintains strong relationships with both. CACR is a member of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Research Network. The AoC global network of universities, centres of research, and think-tanks is intended to support the work of the AoC, facilitate cross-cultural cooperation in areas of interest to the AoC, and thus play a vital role in improving relations among diverse cultural and religious communities worldwide.

Training in Intercultural Awareness

CACR provides training in intercultural expertise for varied audiences. This includes workshops and seminars, as well as client-specific programmes to meet specific needs. Training offered by CACR will expand in 2011.

Diversity Issues Website

CACR runs a public-facing communications website to explore and discuss issues related to ethnic and cultural diversity. Hosted by Fresco’s site, the Diversity Issues site is supported by a social media presence to engage a new, broad audience with new diversity research knowledge.

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