Christchurch Community House

Christchurch Community House Te Whakaruruhau ki Otautahi aims to provide community groups working in the social service sector with affordable office space, meeting rooms and other related facilities so they can direct their limited funding into achieving their aims and objectives.

The House has become an important and recognised feature of the Christchurch community. Support, advice and networking is available to community groups and individuals. Community agencies and individuals within them rely on this well managed resource to cope with the growing demands and pressure placed on their services.

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Projects 2011

Support for Human Rights and Diversity Dates

Regular and enthusiastic support of Race Relations Day, Human Rights Day and Maori Language Week, including special functions, displays and the provision of materials to the public.

Support for Community Groups

The Tenants’ Trust has also worked hard to ensure that the Christchurch Community House Te Whakaruruhau ki Otautahi provides a supportive and nurturing environment for community groups who often work in isolation. Events like the regular House morning teas, activities focusing on Maori Language Week, Community Commonwealth Games and the Funding Expo are just a few examples of the role the Tenants’ Trust has played in this relationship building.

Understanding the Treaty in 2011

The Christchurch Community House Tenants Trust (CHTT) and Network Waitangi Otautahi (NWO) collaboratively host this workshop for CHTT tenants and other interested parties to look at developing ways to encourage, support and implement creative and equitable Treaty-based relationships within the community. This workshop is held annually.

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Contact person: Mike Asmussen, House Manager:
Phone: (03) 365 3139

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