Communities Action Trust (CATNZ)

The Communities Action Trust (CATNZ) was established in 2008 with a vision of empowering multicultural communities of New Zealand. CATNZ aims to meet this vision through arts, community services, outreach programmes, training, educational initiatives and projects. CATNZ promotes social inclusion and the well-being of diverse communities. CATNZ is particularly successful at promoting community participation and cultural awareness by providing a platform for activities and events such as cultural festivals and community engagement programmes.

Please visit the CATNZ website for more information.

Projects 2011
South East Asian Cultural Night

The SEA Cultural Night aims to promote and celebrate the rich South East Asian culture through music and dance. The project also aims to promote the diversity of South East Asia and its heritage through Arts. It is envisaged that the event will bring together the wider South East Asian communities in Wellington. The date for this event is still to be confirmed. Check the website for more details.

Deepavali Celebrations

The Trust will be involved in organising celebrations for Deepavali. These events will be held in the Wellington Region.

Community Workshops

For 2011, CATNZ are planning to host workshops focussed on ethnic community needs. For 2010, we hosted workshops on networking and intercultural communication.

Johnsonville Ethnic Concert

The Johnsonville ethnic community will host a community late next year. CATNZ will organise the Asian and other ethnic communities to showcase the diverse communities of Wellington.

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