Community Language Association of New Zealand (CLANZ)

Community Language Association of New Zealand (CLANZ) encourages and supports initiatives that celebrate the diverse cultures and languages of this country. The organisation represents the many community based language schools that are striving to maintain and develop their own mother tongue by offering services to their own communities and others who want to learn another language. CLANZ current objectives are to create a database of Community Languages; provide Community Languages with a voice; build networks with other organisations who have a similar focus; support the development of a common workable framework for teaching, including teaching strategies for Community Languages; develop and pool support resources; and assist in finding classrooms for community language classes.

Projects 2011
Resources to mark International Mother Languages Day

This year CLANZ has joined up with the English Language Partners of New Zealand (ELPNZ) to produce a poster and a bookmark as simple resources to learn greetings for some of the many languages that add to the richness of NZ. The resources feature greetings in 28 languages, including Māori, English and New Zealand Sign Language.  They are available in community locations and in schools and workplaces throughout New Zealand. For more information on this initiative or to request posters or bookmarks, visit the English Language Partners website.

Language School Survey

CLANZ is building an organisation to help ensure all those who want to teach and/or learn a community language have access to appropriate resources. To that end, they are running a survey to identify what groups are out there, what they are doing and what (if any) help or support they would like. Information will be used to support the organisation’s case with the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders.

Website building

CLANZ continues to update its website with information and resources. In 2011 CLANZ is working on its research and practical suggestions webpages. The organisation will also continue publishing its newsletter, with an updated layout released early this year.

Membership drive

CLANZ is undertaking a membership drive in 2011.

Community languages strategy

CLANZ sees the need for a NZ community languages strategy, to guide promotion of community languages. The plan is to draft a strategy that they will circulate and discuss with others in 2011.

CLESOL Conference

CLANZ will partner with the Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language Aotearoa New Zealand (TESOLANZ) to hold a conference on Community Language Experience for Speakers of Other Languages (CLESOL) in October 2012.

Teachers and Learning framework for pre-schools

In 2010 CLANZ ran a survey collecting information on teaching and use of community languages in pre-schools.  CLANZ will use that information to develop a framework on teaching and learning community languages in pre-schools as part of the Community Language Strategy.

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