Council of Christians and Muslims

The Council of Christians and Muslims NZ Inc was established in 1998. It is based in Auckland and seeks to represent Christians and Muslims in the wider New Zealand community.  Its main objective is to gain a better mutual understanding of each other’s faith community in order to establish a more harmonious community in New Zealand, acknowledging both our diversity and the common concerns we face. 

Project 2011
Interfaith Forums

Every year CCM organises several public forums one is held conjointly with the Council of Christians and Jews on common subjects.  Public forums so far this year have been on how faiths respond to natural disasters and one talk on the history of Muslims in New Zealand over the past 150 years.  

  • The next faith forum is on 18 September from 2.30pm at the St. Johns College Meadowbanks. The theme of which is “As a Jew/Christian/Muslim, what I find most attractive in the other two faiths.” 
  • The fourth and last interfaith seminar for the year on Monday 14 November from 7.30 pm at the Ponsonby Mosque, 17 Vermont Street, Ponsonby.The theme is  “Compassion of Jesus as seen by Christians & Muslims.” For further enquiries contact Joan Brock  (09) 6255465.

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