Filipino Artists in New Zealand (FILINARTIZTS)

The Filipino Artists in New Zealand, Inc., also known as the FILINARTIZTS, was established by a group of like-minded young and aspiring artists from the Filipino community, with guidance from the Cultural Officer of the Philippine Embassy. It all started after a successful theatre performance (pantomime) presenting the history of Philippine independence during the commemoration of this historic day in June 2008. With the success of this first-ever theatre performance, those involved thought it would be good to have a group that will have a holistic promotion and development of the Filipino arts and culture. While there are a number of Filipino organisations that operate within Wellington, there is no group that actually holistically promotes and develops the very rich Filipino arts and culture. So, on 27 January 2009, the FILINARTIZTS was borne.

FILINARTIZTS seeks to promote six different art forms, namely: visual arts, dance, music, martial arts, literary arts and performing arts. The group intends to work alongside other existing Filipino organisations, especially in areas where there are common goals and interests. The idea is to work together, not in isolation, to promote the Filipino culture within and outside the community.

Why inward and outward looking?

It has been assessed that Filipinos borne and raised in New Zealand no longer have a strong connection with their Filipino roots. Meantime, the new migrants with strong cultural connection would want to retain and practice their culture. And of course, the older and wiser generation of Filipinos would want to transfer their cultural knowledge and experience to the younger generation. But then, there is no common venue and vehicle to do that. With the establishment of this group, it is hoped that a holistic approach to the promotion and development of the Filipino culture is achieved so that the young and old, new migrants and older migrants, would be able to share and experience a truly vibrant Filipino arts and culture. When this happens, they can then proudly share their culture to the wider NZ society to help enhance cultural diversity and engender social cohesion.

In addition, one underlying objective for the establishment of the group is to utilise culture and arts to help with the settling in process of new Filipino migrants. Their involvement and participation in the different arts forms will pave the way for their better integration into the wider Filipino community and NZ society.

Projects 2011
Ati-atihan street dancing/festival at the Rugby World Cup

The Philippines Ati-atihan Festival is presented as a part of Wellington City’s Festival of Carnivale — a diverse array of art, performance, cultures and entertainment. Friday 9 September to Sunday 9 October, 2011.

Upcoming and proposed projects 2011
  • Radio programme with Wellington Access Radio
  • Death rituals project (with Office of Ethnic Affairs and Wellington Museum of the Sea) (November 2011)
  • Theatre performance (mime) about the history of Philippine independence (June 2011)

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