Kowiana Association of New Zealand

The Kowiana Association of New Zealand is a charitable organisation established in August 2007, and is primarily composed of young kiwi adults of Korean descent. We share a vision of celebrating and promoting awareness of cultural harmony and multicultural identity. We aim to achieve our objectives through cultural education, the dissemination of information, and the facilitation of a support network via opportunities for community involvement. Through our work, we aspire to address issues of multiculturalism and interculturalism to benefit New Zealand’s diverse society.

Projects 2011
The 2011 “Kimchi & Marmite” Conference –  “ Where are you from?”

On 23 July 2011, Kowiana is having it’s the third “Kimchi & Marmite” Conference – “Where are you from?”.  We are planning to hold our third conference with the theme of ‘empowering Kowis to understand and be proud of our heritage.’

For the past two conferences, we discovered who we are as Kowis (“Finding Kowis” in 2008) and discussed how we can embrace multicultural identity and be successful in the New Zealand society as individual Kowis through seminars with influential speakers (“Kowis in Action” in 2009). For the 2011 “Kimchi & Marmite” conference, Kowiana would like to encourage Kowis to find our identity through our root and heritage.

We will provide seminars with influential speakers to bring awareness as to how important it is to understand Korean heritage to better embrace New Zealand culture and other cultures in the society. The one who understands his/her root can have better understanding of other cultures and are more willing to embrace other cultures without losing the one’s identity. We will also provide workshops, group discussion sessions and opportunities for relationship building, networking and support through social activities.

Korean Youth Empowerment Project

We will be implementing a youth support system through the Korean Youth Empowerment Project. This system is to be implemented in High Schools. We also envision running an anonymous forum on our website in the hopes of reaching out to troubled youth or youth in general who may benefit from receiving advice from older “sunbae”.

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