Nelson Multicultural Council

Nelson Multicultural Council was established in 1993 to promote and preserve the interests of the ethnic groups throughout the Nelson region. A Co-ordinator and a Field Worker are employed by the Nelson Multicultural Council to carry out the day-to-day work of supporting migrants and promoting positive race relations. The Council is a non-profit non-government organisation, and is a member of the New Zealand Federation of Multicultural Councils.

The Nelson Multicultural Council is a group of people representing their ethnic communities who share the goals and aspirations of the society. Any ethnic group, society, organisation or individual is eligible to become a member of the Council. Members do not need to have been born overseas; they can be first, second and third generation New Zealanders. Some members, who don’t identify with any one particular cultural group, become involved for the greater good of the community.

The Committee of the Nelson Multicultural Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 2 Bridge Street, Nelson. All members are welcome to come along and share in what we do.

Visit the website of Nelson Multicultural Council.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To promote and protect the interests of the diverse cultural communities in the Nelson region.
  • To raise the consciousness amongst these communities of the status of Māori as Tangata Whenua and their rights under the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • To assist Government and local Government agencies consult with the ethnic groups of our area.
  • To provide a forum for diverse communities to share experiences and friendships.
  • To enable diverse cultural communities to give each other mutual support and strength to deal with issues which affect them all and to speak with one voice on those issues.
  • To protect the democratic rights of the ethnic groups to participate in decisions which affect them.
  • To enable the ethnic groups to openly express their commitment to New Zealand while at the same time, protecting their cultural heritage and identity.
  • To promote the Nelson Region as a multicultural society.
  • To create opportunities for the general public of the Nelson Region to gain greater understanding and respect for people of other cultural origins to themselves.
  • To encourage institutions which provide services to the public to acknowledge, reflect and respond to the cultural diversity of New Zealand.
Projects 2011
Race Unity Day 13th March 2011

The theme for Race Relations Day 2011 is “People In Harmony”. The Nelson Multicultural Council will host a huge outdoors celebration at Victory Square Park. The event will begin with a welcome to international students from the mayors of Nelson and Tasman and continue with cultural performances throughout the day.
There will be a relaxed, festive atmosphere with activities for the children and lots of yummy ethnic food on sale. Many community organisations take the opportunity to set up information stands so that they can explain their services.

People of all cultures are invited to participate in this wonderful event through

  • Performance
  • Traditional food
  • Traditional art
  • Dressing in your traditional clothing
  • Simply attending & enjoying the day!

Please contact us at (03 539 0030) if you wish to actively participate in some way.

Rainbow Praise ~ Many People Many Songs 2011

In conjunction with Nelson Cathedral and the Council of Churches, the Nelson Multicultural Council is planning to hold this special event on Sunday 10th  April 2011 at the Nelson Cathedral. Christian choirs from different ethnic communities come together and share their songs of worship.

Rainbow Praise- Many People Many Songs is a chance for people to see and hear how other people worship with music. In spite of our different cultures, people actually have a lot in common, and this service is a way of welcoming people into our community and showing we are interested in them.  It is held in April when so many workers from the Pacific Islands are in the Nelson/Tasman region, harvesting our fruit.

For the past two years, there have been choirs made up of these visitors as well as Nelson residents from various ethnicities.

Pot Luck Dinners

The Nelson Multicultural Council holds a Pot Luck Social Dinner on the first Friday night of each month at 6:30pm at the Victory Community Centre, Totara Street, Nelson. Everyone is welcome. Bring a plate of food to share and come and meet new people.

Multicultural Women’s Group

The Nelson Multicultural Women’s Group has been running for four years. It meets fortnightly for fun, friendship and sharing of information; it is facilitated by the Nelson Multicultural Council fieldworker

The Women’s Art Group (WAG) meets each Tuesday evening at 2 Bridge St. and is a very popular class! Teacher, Cath Aronsten, from Australia is an encouraging and inspirational teacher who loves teaching and making friends with people from different cultures. The group held its first exhibition in October 2010.

Multicultural Fitness Sessions

Thank to a Canterbury Community Trust grant we have been able to employ Akiko Miyamoto, who has a degree in Sport & Fitness from AUT. She runs a weekly fitness session aimed at encouraging migrants’ participation in physical activity and has also run several Global Family Fun Day events! See our website for details.

Interpreters Database

The Council maintains an up-to-date list of interpreters for over 40 languages. (03 539 0030) if you would like to be an interpreter or to learn more.

Speak Out Nelson Tasman

 is a regional reporting system for racist incidents which was launched in November 2010. Nelson Multicultural Council is one of several organisations involved in setting up and maintaining the system.


“New to the Nelson Tasman region? Useful Tips for Migrants”

A handy brochure which the Nelson Multicultural Council has put together to assist newcomers’ settlement. Now in its third edition, the brochure is available from our office and is also on our website.

Toddlers Group

The Toddlers Group meets every Tuesday from 12.30- 2.30pm in the Activity Room of Nelson Public Library. The group provides a range of support to caregivers, including explanation of the NZ Discipline Law by Barbados and health checks by the Victory ‘Be-Well’ nurse.

Russian Language Playgroup- Raduga

The Nelson Multicultural Council supports Raduga, which meets to promote Russian language and customs. It is attended by adults and children who are Russian or Russian speaking, and meets every second Thursday at the Tahunanui Community Centre. Contact Olga Hillberg (03 547 9330) to find out more.

Japanz Kids

Japanz Kids meets weekly at various members’ houses, and works to teach Japanese children about their culture and language. It is also supported by the Council. Contact Yuki Eagashira (03 526 6844) for more information.

For more information on the Nelson Multicultural Council contact Evey McAuliffe.

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