New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference

The Catholic Church in New Zealand is divided into regions (dioceses) which in turn are made up of parishes. The New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference (NZCBC) is the umbrella organisation for six Catholic Dioceses. The elected President of the NZCBC is the Archbishop John Dew, Archbishop of Wellington. In 2010 Archbishop John Dew was elected as President of the Federation of Catholic Bishops Conferences of Oceania.

There are more than five hundred thousand Catholics in New Zealand. It is the second largest Christian denomination and represents nearly 13% of the New Zealand population.

Projects 2011
Committee for Interfaith Relations

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops have established a Committee for Interfaith Relations. Its functions include building relationships with people of other faiths in New Zealand, networking with other interfaith groups, and education for Catholics on the church’s teaching on interfaith relations. They have a number of suggestions on how Catholics might engage in interfaith dialogue including working on community building projects and extending hospitality to new arrivals in New Zealand. The activities this year include developing a flyer on the committee, extending the membership, a movie evening during winter, and continuing to take part in activities of other interfaith groups.

Contact: Sr Catherine Jones

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