Pacific Screen Ltd

Pacific Screen Ltd is a NZ based production crew, producing TV programmes and videos with a significant emphasis on NZ life, with programmes such as Destination New Zealand and The $20 Challenge.

Pacific Screen aims to create programmes that are both informative and entertaining. They have in-house experience in a variety of genres – including Children’s TV, Light Entertainment, News and Current Affairs, Reality TV, Magazine Programming, Arts and Documentaries.

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Project 2011
‘My God’ TV series

The fifth series of My God screened on TVONE Sunday, 8.30am. The series featured Winnie Laban, Ahmed Zaoui, Moana Cole, Kim Workman and Frank McManus, Ray Avery, Edwina Pio, Nan Gibson and John Sinclair. 

The half hour programme is hosted by Chris Nichol, and explores and celebrates the spiritual diversity of New Zealanders.

NZ Stories

Pacific Screen is currently filming several half hour episodes for TVNZ’s new documentary series NZ Stories where diversity is the catch phrase. The series will provide an opportunity to explore, through individual stories, interesting lives featuring the different ethnicities, ages, gender specific issues, religious and philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation, and individual abilities that make up New Zealand’s people.  The series aims to give New Zealanders a greater understanding of the diversity of the people we live alongside. Each episode will focus on a specific New Zealander or small group of New Zealanders and give viewers an insight into their life, beliefs, abilities and challenges through a great story.

Contact: Amanda Evans

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