Prayas Theatre

Prayas Theatre is a non-profit organsiation endeavouring to showcase some contemporary Indian Theatre for a NZ audience – to reach out, to share and to integrate.

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Projects 2011

Rakta Karabi

November 2011: a play based on Rabindranath Tagore’s original script in Bengali. This will be a short season – possibly three shows in Tapac. The play we want to do is called Rakta Karabi [The Red Oleander] which is a metaphorical story about the existing dichotomy between the materialist world and the enslavement of the human spirit of freedom and rights. According to Tagore, it is a timeless story so we want to use today’s metaphors and context into this play. 2011 is celebrated as the 150th anniversary of this Iconic literary figure and this will be our tribute.


May 2012: approximately 10th to 21st May 2012, the play Rudali for approximately 10-12 shows at Tapac. Rudali is a very powerful social drama – a woman’s journey in a male dominated world.

Contact person : Amit Ahdedar

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