Selwyn College Refugee Education for Adults and Families (REAF)

Selwyn College Refugee Education for Adults and Families (REAF) was set up in 2000 to meet the language and resettlement needs of adult refugees living near to Selwyn College.

We offer an English and resettlement programme for refugees who can access Selwyn College. Currently we have 160 adults who attend for 12.5 hours a week. We have an on-site purpose built Early Childhood Centre that has 80 children under 5 attending each day so that parents, particularly mothers can attend the education programme. The programme is free to all.

In addition we offer courses in sewing, driving, woodwork, craft and gardening. We have developed our own community garden.

Visit he website of REAF.

Project 2011

In 2010 REAF has 150 adult refugee students from 26 different ethnicities coming to our classes each day.

We run two schools, an A school and a B school, so that we can get the maximum number of people using the facilities. Students attend for 12.5 hours each week.

Class times are arranged so that parents can drop their children at school in the mornings and pick them up from school in the afternoons.

We also run additional classes in sewing, cooking and preparing for a learners driving licence. During the year we run parenting courses, have visiting speakers from outside agencies, and link closely with Work and Income and Housing New Zealand.

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