Settlement Support NZ Wellington

Settlement Support NZ Wellington

Settlement Support NZ Wellington (SSNZ) is a national initiative funded by the Department of Labour that provides information and referral service for returning Kiwis, migrants, refugees and their families that come to New Zealand to live each year.

Information and Contact point:

Wellington City Council is the lead agency in Wellington where people can contact SSNZ staff in person or by phone and email during the open hours: Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm. We are located on the ground floor of the council offices at 101 Wakefield Street, Wellington.

Visit Settling in Wellington.

Projects 2011
Welcome Pack & Postcards

This project is in response to newcomers who identified the need for basic information about Wellington city and its services.

The pack contains nine information fact sheets written in plain English and it provides information about living in Wellington. The sheets cover Introduction to SSNZ, Money, Employment, Buying and Renting a Home, Health, Education, Transportation, and Services.

This material was first produced in 2008 and has been updated in 2010 in consultation with the SSNZ local network of service providers. Promotion and distribution are underway.

If you would like to receive this Welcome Pack please contact us.

Orientation Programmes and Workshops for Newcomers

We provide a series of orientation programmes and seminars about living in New Zealand. These activities are run by local service providers that supply free and practical assistance to newcomers to improve their settlement outcomes. These support services respond to the wide range of settlement needs, including: employment, job search, English language, renting and buying a house, education, health system, taxes, driving, legal issues, volunteering, and emergency preparedness.

Additionally, a Public Transport Orientation programme was developed in 2009 to empower newcomers to learn about public transport and explore activities/facilities available in Wellington city, including Weta Cave Museum, Wellington Museum Trust, Botanical Garden, Wellington Aquatic Centre and regional parks.

If you would like to receive invitations to upcoming events please contact us.

New Zealand Identity: Te Papa programme

The programme for newcomers introduces the concept and history of a bi-cultural society and the Treaty of Waitangi between Maori and the Crown in New Zealand. The programme provides an insight to our cultural identity through utilising the collections at Te Papa. This programme has been provided since 2007 and receives excellent feedback.

Welcoming Ceremonies

Welcoming ceremonies for newcomers are being developed to engage more closely with Tangata Whenua in a meaningful way.

In 2009, this was hosted by Pipitea Marae and gave migrants a relaxed introduction to Maori culture and customs.

Volunteer Connect Award – connecting through participation programme

This is a recent project to help newcomers to connect and participate in their new communities. The programme aims to engage newcomers with their communities by participating in seminars, workshops and volunteer activity throughout the year. Each activity enables participants to collect points and with aim of achieving 100. At the end of twelve months they will receive a certificate of achievement and awards for their participation. This project is provided in partnership with Volunteer Wellington, Citizens Advice Bureau and other community organisations.

Programmes and Activities for Local Providers

A series of programmes including Intercultural Communication Awareness training will be organised for local settlement service providers. The aim is to increase responsiveness of services and help to build the capacity of local providers who encounter a range of cultural backgrounds and value systems that sometimes create challenges for service delivery.

Employment Network Group Activities

We continue to facilitate the Employment Network Support Group, which was set up to address challenges around employment for newcomers. Consisting of various community organisations, agencies, businesses, and central government, the group has been meeting regularly to discuss and share ideas around employment issues.

In May 2010, an Employment network evening: Making Diversity Work for You was organised to provide support and professional development opportunities to employers when hiring staff from ethnically diverse backgrounds. A similar event will be run in 2011.

During 2010, a new series of events for skilled newcomer job seekers was started by a partnership of the Job Mentoring Service, the Employers’ Chamber of Commerce Central and MCLaSS Employment Support. The first session focused on the Accounting and Finance sector, the second session focused on Customer Services, including telephone and face-to-face skills.

For more information of any of these services or to participate in the activities contact: Settlement Support Wellington

Phone: 0800 SSNZ4U (0800 776-948) or (04) 803 8330


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