SHAMA Hamilton Ethnic Women’s Centre Trust

SHAMA Hamilton Ethnic Women’s Centre Trust is an organization run by ethnic women for ethnic women. It is a vibrant, sustainable and growing Centre, which provides culturally appropriate support, advocacy and programmes to be a source of strength and empowerment for ethnic women.

Projects 2011
Life skills

Life Skills classes & activities for ethnic women and children (English & Conversations classes, Learner’s Driving class, Music (keyboard) class, craft, sewing, cooking, knitting, gardening, coffee group, Health & Fitness through dancing and walking)

Parent support

SHAMA provide a parent support /play group programme for children 5 years and under and promote positive parenting strategies in various activities and a children’s Holiday programme.

Youth Project

Homeworx assistance – provide intermediate and high school youth from refugee backgrounds with home works support in a variety of subjects.

Computers in Homes

Computers in Homes – assist families with computer training and providing computer, internet connection and technical support.

Legal workshop

SHAMA provide a series of workshops about legal information and related NZ laws and policies.

Social service

Social work referral, advocacy and support to ethnic women and children who have been or currently in domestic violence situation or any issues and concerns that may have been experiencing during their resettlement in a new country.

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