Society for Southeast Asian Communities, Inc

The Society for Southeast Asian communities is an incorporated organisation working to represent the collective voice and interests of SEAsian migrants and their communities in New Zealand.

Members of the Society are individuals who are currently in New Zealand and who have come from, or have affinity with, any of the ten Southeast Asian countries, namely, Brunei Darrusalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Members meet at regular meetings or at official work-related functions or meetings, as well as through informal networks and collaborative projects.

The Society for Southeast Asian Communities, Inc. aims to:

  • Foster partnerships and better understanding among Southeast Asian communities;
    Advocate programmes for the empowerment of Southeast Asian migrants and their communities;
  • Elevate the profile and status of Southeast Asian communities through constructive dialogues and socio-cultural involvement;
  • Network with other ethnic communities and organisations in promoting cultural diversity;
  • Work towards educating Southeast Asian communities and facilitate their integration into social mainstream; and,
  • Advance efforts toward promoting humanitarian agenda for Southeast Asia.

To accomplish our six key objectives, we will: 

  • Provide advocacy and policy representation;
  • Organise teach-ins, seminars and alternative education classes;
  • Network with government and the private sectors;
  • Promote emergency preparedness and encourage volunteerism;
  • Initiate socio-cultural events to showcase cultural understanding; and,
  • Conduct fund-raising activities and international humanitarian efforts.

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2011 Projects

Race Relations Day  Events  

The Society will participate in Race Relations Day 2011 activities in the region. Participation will include the organising of events, hosting of information stalls and talking to the public about our activities. Where appropriate,  cultural items will be presented as part of the overall programme.

South East Asian Night Market

The South East Asian Night Market is being held on the 16 April 2011. The  Society has been consulted  in the planning of this event and will organise a Crafts Stall Fundraiser for the  Christchurch Relief Fund. The Society will also have a food stall and be part of the engaging cultural programme. This will be held at Frankitts Park, Wellington.

Southeast Asian Migrant Forum

A Migrant Forum targeting Southeast Asian migrants in Wellington to identify social, cultural and economic needs and strengths of the different communities. This Forum will also be utilised to identify where our communities could add value to achieving social cohesion and cultural diversity. The Forum is tentatively scheduled in May this year.

Contact:  Matilde

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