Somali Graduate Journal

For three years now, the Somali community has celebrated the success of its students in tertiary education through the annual publication of the Somali Graduate Journal. The journal is compiled by Hamilton based Ministry of Education National Migrant and Refugee Education Coordinator, Abdirizak Abdi.

The 2010 issue profiles 31 new graduates in a wide variety of fields from universities and polytechs in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and the South Island, bringing the total number of graduates since 1997 to 147. A further 178 undergraduates are listed, showing the keen interest of this small refugee community in gaining educational qualifications. Each graduate is individually profiled, with information about when they came to New Zealand, where they went to school, their educational and career choices and their community involvement and interests. In a community corner section of the Journal there are profiles of a successful athlete, a business youth leaders and members of school boards of trustees.

The Somali Graduate Journal Website hosts the PDF versions of the annually published Somali Graduate Journal. It also offers information and advice on a wide range of issues relevant to the Somali students/youth, graduates and the Somali community in New Zealand in general, including sports, business, events, career advice, resettlement, current research, information for parents on the New Zealand education system and a variety of other resources.

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Project 2011
2011 Somali Graduate Journal (issue #4)

Submissions of the profiles of successful 2010/2011 graduates are now being accepted for the 2011 Journal publication (issue #4).

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