Student Support, University of Canterbury

Student Support at the University of Canterbury provides support for domestic as well as international students who have enrolled and are studying here in a variety of programs. This includes organising orientation programmes at the beginning of the semester as well as regular email contact. The Student Support Team also provides support in tackling more serious problems such as difficulties with a landlord, an illness or death in the family, or relationship issues, as well as addressing academic problems. Help is provided by listening first, giving advice if needed, and helping the student make contact with others who may help. Issues are dealt with in confidence and trust.

Student Support also provides a resource to the campus community for understanding cultural differences, and providing advice and skill building related to intercultural communication.

Projects 2011

Cross-cultural communication workshops

Student Support organises regular cross-cultural communication workshops with staff and students of UC.

Support for students

Student Support also offers a range of orientation and support programmes for international students, including specialised ones for particular groups. Main orientation for the new academic year will be held in February 2011.

Safer Students Campaign

This project involves collaboration between Student Support, Lincoln University, CPIT, TRoNT, Christchurch City Council, NZ Police and the Human Rights Commission on a campaign to welcome migrants and international students to Christchurch. The project also works towards ensuring that migrants and international students know their rights in terms of racial safety and harassment as well supports the Report-it website, an accessible reporting method for such incidents.

Contact details

Contact: Sarah Beaven
Phone: (03) 364 2987 x3886

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