Te Awa o Te Ora Trust

Te Awa o Te Ora Trust was established in 1999 and provides wrap around support services to people who experience mental illness. Our particular forte is in providing kaupapa Maori services which include the following:

  • Day Activities that are designed to elevate the confidence of Tangata Whaiora so that they may regain or enhance a sense of who they are, in order to navigate life’s realities. The day activities include mahi raranga, carving, cooking and nutrition, gym and exercise, computers and art.
  • A peer support service that aim to help Tangata Whaiora to navigate through their immediate crisis, such as needing accommodation, benefits, food parcels, access to a General Practitioner, and much more
  • Community support services that consist of trained mental health workers who provide one to one services to Tangata Whaiora wanting to maintain their independence within the community
  • Community integration services that consist of a trained mental health worker to support Tangata Whaiora to integrate from an institutional setting to independent living
  • Lastly, Te Awa o Te Ora delivers the Like Minds like Mind contract within the takiwa of Canterbury. This project is totally driven by Tangata Whaiora and their aim is to inform the community of the stigma and discrimination that is often attached to people who have a mental illness. This ropu sits within the arms of Te Awa and they are the voice of the people we are here for. Their contribution to the education of the public is the telling of their personal stories through innovative means.

The organisation has a work force of 17 people and 53% of our ropu are Tangata Whaiora. We are a young organisation that continues to develop as we move forward. Healthy relationships are one of the key elements to achieving wellness for a person who lives in a caring community. Bridging those relationships certainly brings diversity.

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Project 2011
Awareness raising of mental illness

According to data collected by Te Awa for the Like Minds Like Mine project, out of the 20 public presentations delivered within the last 6 months 3 organisations were institutional providers, for instance; Hillmorton, CPIT and the local WINZ branch.

Currently the community networks of Te Awa o Te Ora such as other Maori providers are well covered and in general it has been difficult to break into the private sector ie; The Children and Young Persons Service (Managers and staff), Probation staff and Housing NZ staff for example influence the social, economic and health aspects facing Tangata Whaiora.

  • Aim

To be more effective at informing the public of stigma and discrimination against people with a mental illness the Like Minds like Mine ropu invite the expertise of the Kaitakawaenga/Adviser – Kaitohutohu to co present with the Like Minds team.

The idea is that the Kaitakawaenga/Adviser – Kaitohutohu carry out the delivery of their presentation to their targeted clientele and the Like Minds Like Mine ropu bring real life experiences to that presentation, and in doing so the collaboration is of benefit to the audience in common.

  • What

Like Minds will deliver a dramatised presentation that informs the audience of what it feels like to be a person with a mental illness. At present they are working on building their skills to produce an interview type documentary. Included in their presentation is a role play around the Tapa Wha model, which gives insight to the audience about a way of working with Tangata Whaiora by understanding the importance of seeing the person’s needs holistically across the tinana (physical health), hinengaro (mental health), wairua (spiritual health) me nga strengths of whanau (family health).

This combined effort is designed to offer support to all these elements and bring total well being, which is considered more effective than dealing with just the symptom of the mental incapacities.

It is envisaged that 4 presentations per annum are manageable. There is no cost apart from making the time.

The Overarching Principle that guides us to diversify our efforts is reflected in a Whakatauaki:

Nau te rourou, naku te rourou ka ora te manuwhiri

With you food basket and my food basket the guests will have enough

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