Umma Trust

The Umma Trust was established in 2003 to undertake development work in Iraq, and to provide essential social services and support to Arabic speaking communities in Auckland. In January 2008 services were expanded to the wider Muslim community with specific focus on vulnerable women, children and families.

The Trust provides information, advice and advocacy on a number of issues. These include guidance on positive parenting in the NZ context, community awareness on family violence, positive ageing, addressing women in isolation, home visits, food bank, and health and nutrition workshops.


  • To provide social services to Muslim families with a specific focus on the wellbeing of Muslim women, children and families who are socially and economically disadvantaged.
  • To provide support and representation to agencies on behalf of members of the Muslim community so that this community can gain confidence to build bridges between itself and the mainstream agencies and other communities
  • To promote initiatives so that the community can take a role in the decision making and planning of issues such as health, education, welfare, housing and employment which affect the Muslim communities.
  • To assist with settlement in New Zealand by providing support and information.
  • To enhance a sense of tolerance for difference amongst the varying ethnicities and beliefs within the refugee and migrant community.
Project 2011
Muslim Women’s Rights are Human Rights Forums

Umma Trust will be hosting a series of forums in July on Muslim women’s rights which will be presented by Ratna Osman. Ms Osman is the Acting Executive Director of Sisters in Islam, a Muslim women’s NGO committed to promoting an understanding of Islam that recognises the principles of Justice, Equality, Freedom and Dignity within a democratic nation state. The series of forums will take place in Auckland on 21 July and Wellington 22 July.

Contact: Jennifer Janif

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