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Upper Hutt is a city of 38,415, just 25 minutes drive or a 40-minute scenic train ride north from Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. The city derives its name from an English Member of Parliament, Sir William Hutt, a director of the New Zealand Company. The NZ Company was formed in the late 1830s and organised the settlement of the Wellington and Hutt Valley areas, beginning with the arrival of the first immigrant ships from 1840. Upper Hutt is bordered on the south by Silverstream and on the north by the top of the Rimutaka Hill, which covers an area of 53,962 hectares and makes Upper Hutt the second largest city council by area in New Zealand. Not sure where Upper Hutt is? Then let us show you.

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Projects 2011
Orongomai Marae Open Day

In partnership with the Upper Hutt City Council, Orongomai Marae hosted a Waitangi Day open day (6th February 2011) for members of the community. Information about this event is available on the Upper Hutt City Council website. For more information please phone 527 2794 or email them.

Upper Hutt Multi Ethnic Football Tournament

 Activation (Upper Hutt City Council) will continue to support the Upper Hutt Multi-Ethnic Council to deliver the 2011 football tournament. It is anticipated that the tournament will take place from September-October. This builds on the previous tournaments, which were well received by the communities.

Upper Hutt Settlement Support

 As part of the Hutt Valley Settlement Support initiative, Upper Hutt Settlement Support is the first point of contact for people living in the Upper Hutt area. Upper Hutt Settlement Support will run orientation and community workshops for new settlers living in Upper Hutt. Upper Hutt Settlement Support also holds regular information sharing meetings for service providers. Hutt City Council is the lead agency. For more information please phone 527 2799 or email Upper Hutt Settlement Support.

Community Consultation and Information Sharing Forum

 UHCC facilitates regular forums on topics of focus to identify and address areas of need within the community. There are six focus areas: settlement support; youth; older persons; families/whanau; crime prevention; and disability. These areas have been prioritised from recent research of social and cultural issues affecting the Upper Hutt community. There are regular forums for groups and agencies working in this area. Annual public community forums are also held to identify local needs and facilitate consultation.

Community Surveys

Community Services of Upper Hutt City Council conducts community surveys to identify areas of need. Extensive surveys for young people and older people were conducted in 2008. Analysis and reports have been completed and are available to the community. Please email Community Services or visit the Upper Hutt City Council’s website for more information.

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