Voice Arts Trust

Voice Arts Trust: Art to Educate, Empower and Unite.

Each person, each group and every community has a story that needs tending to; experiences that deserve acknowledgement and respect; journeys that can inspire those who listen; reflections that can heal and unite.

We work primarily, but not exclusively, with youth at risk. Our projects focus on the creation of original theatre, unique to each group, devised and performed by the participants. The delivery of each project is unique and shaped to reflect the context. Projects are led by skilled and experienced facilitators who challenge each participant to creatively explore beliefs, behaviours and choices. Our starting point is each person’s own experience. We believe everyone has something to give and something to learn.

We seek to provide for our participants:

  • A safe, supportive and creative environment in which to explore how to retell their personal experience
  • The skills to share their story and to be heard
  • A forum for shared exchange of stories, with family and community
  • A place and space for reflection.

Voice Arts has no physical base. We take our work to the community, utilising existing community halls, schools and open spaces. We have few overhead costs and the majority of funds are used to employ dedicated, passionate and professional facilitators.

Projects for 2011
2010 – 2011 World Refugee Day Theatre Project

Phase One is free weekly drama classes for refugee youth which will run October 2010 – February 2011.   These classes will be used to build capacity amongst the youth with the aim of nurturing a core group who will move on to phase two of the project.

Phase Two is the creation of an original performance work that will be presented to the wider Wellington community at the World Refugee Day carnival held every year.  At this point a number of theatre professionals will be invited to offer mentoring and support to the core group.

Phase Three will see the performance recorded and edited into a DVD which, with the script, will be circulated to schools and agencies nationwide in an effort to engage further debate around the refugee experience.

Contact Nicola Pauling nicola@voice-arts.org.nz

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