Addington School

Addington School in Christchurch opened in 1881. Today it continues a fine tradition in educational, cultural and recreational activities, and maintains a proud place in the diverse Addington Community.

The inclusion of a Conductive Education Unit at Addington School has added a whole new dimension to the school community and culture. The Unit caters for children aged 5-13 with motor disorders. The children are supported in a holistic programme by specially trained staff. The benefits of this inclusive environment to all the children within the school are endless.

The school has a First Language Group that meets for half and hour every Friday morning to use their first or home language. They are provided with a variety of activities that assist with the reinforcement of their own language. All these activities are language based and include listening, speaking, writing and reading. Many of the resources that are used are made by the children themselves. The Samoan and Tongan students have been engage3d the whole school in activities for Samoan Language Week and Tongan Language Week.

Addington Qualities:


Be present and respond positively through actions and words. Show consideration for self, others and the environment.


Showing consideration for and kindness towards yourself, others and the environment and the natural world. Having empathy for others. Thinking and engaging interdependently.


Being reliable and trustworthy, knowing when to lead, when to follow, and when and how to act independently.

Personal Best

Making work the best it can be. Taking pride in work and in relationships. Setting goals, persisting and celebrating success. Using all senses to experience events and things. Communicating clearly and explaining learning.


Making connections with others and celebrating diversity. Willingness to get to know and include everyone. The ability to listen to others and not judge them. Acknowledging strengths and needs of self and others. Understanding people are more powerful when co-operating.


To respond with awe and enthusiasm, showing excitement for lifelong learning. Strive for personal excellence and be proud of achievements. Dream big.


Doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.

Risk taking

Choosing your attitude and challenging yourself to try new things. Understanding that mistakes can help us to learn. Persisting, thinking flexibly, asking for help and being prepared to ask questions.


The ability to bounce back after encountering difficulties, hard times or challenges. The capacity to maintain one’s Hauora despite adversity.

Put them all together and we have students who display the ‘ADDINGTON ATTITUDE’.

Projects 2012
Language Weeks

The school will organise activities for Māori Language Week, Samoan Language Week and Tongan Language Week in 2012.

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