Adult Reading Assistance Scheme (Christchurch) Inc

Adult Reading Assistance (Christchurch) Inc. provides free assistance to adults in Christchurch requiring communication and literacy skills. It is an organisation of approximately 300 students and tutors, and provides one-to-one tuition with reading, writing, spelling, numeracy, and basic computer skills. ARAS also helps adults with their individual needs (such as Driver’s Licences, CVs and more).

ARAS has currently up to 100 one-to-one student / tutor pairs and ten groups.

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Project 2012
New project “speak kiwi” – Integrated Social English Group

This project provides written assistance and oral instruction with the acquisition of spoken Kiwi English. NZ / Aotearoa accents and local contractions and sayings are highlighted for adult who can speak perfect written english and would like to communicate orally in the Aotearoa / NZ manner Group members have been from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Samoa, China, Tonga, Ukraine and Aotearoa / NZ (Maori).

Sing and Learn Project

This project attempt to blend reading, singing, and learning with playing the ukelele, Members learn to read the words of song and to write them down. They are from Japan, Tonga, Samoa, China and Aotearoa / NZ.

Te Reo Group

Groups members learn Maori pronunciation, basic greeting and common Maori words. Group members are Maori and Tauiwi.

Contact : Maureen Vance,

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