Christchurch Police

Christchurch Police works in partnership with citizens and communities to prevent crime and road trauma, enhance public safety and maintain law and order.

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Project 2012
Safer Students Campaign

This campaign welcomes migrants and international students to Christchurch, born out of collaboration between Christchurch Police, the University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, CPIT, TRoNT, Christchurch City Council and the Human Rights Commission on a campaign. The project also works towards ensuring that migrants and international students know their rights in terms of racial safety and harassment, as well as supporting the Report-it website, an accessible reporting method for such incidents. Visit for more information.

The three-year pilot project has come to a closure by the end of 2011. However, Education New Zealand is considering a national version of the Christchurch Safer Students Project, which as been receiving considerable support at both a government and NGO level for the Christchurch Project, and it is believed that it would be of considerable advantage to the New Zealand education sector if this could be rolled out and expanded nationally.

Supporting the Race Unity Speech Competition 2012

Christchurch Police also support and promote the Race Unity Speech Awards sponsored by the New Zealand Bahá’í Community and supported by the Human Rights Commission.

Supporting Culture Galore 2012

The Christchurch Police have been the Organisation greatly involved with this annual event. They have a stall set up every year at Culture Galore. The Police believe that it is a great opportunity to engage with the local Ethnic Community.

Supporting Ethnic Community Multi-cultural events in 2012

The Christchurch Police are active participants in multicultural events. Those events organised by the local ethnic community provide a prime opportunity for the people of Canterbury to experience and celebrate the diversity of cultures that exists in the community.




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