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Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand is a Deaf-led, not-for-profit organisation that focuses on promoting Awareness of, Access to and Advancement of New Zealand Sign Language – to help strengthen the rights of Deaf people and give them the confidence to be an active part of society.  As the only nationwide provider of services to Deaf people, it provides information on a range of services for Deaf and works with businesses and organisations to provide information and resources on life for Deaf New Zealanders and NZSL.

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Projects 2012
New Zealand Sign Language Week

Each May Deaf Aotearoa NZ organises NZSL Week  – a celebration of one of the country’s official languages.  This year it will be held from 30 April-6 May 2012.

NZSL Week helps to promote the language as well (s raise awareness about New Zealand’s Deaf community and the issues/challenges its members face each day.

The week is a chance for the Deaf Community to stand proud as Deaf, and promote their language and culture. It is also a chance to break down barriers, fears and misconceptions.

Deaf Awareness Course

Deaf Aotearoa offers a range of NZSL and Deaf awareness courses including Think.Sign.Connect and Think.Deaf.Discover.

Think.Deaf.Discover is a workshop of either 90 mins, four hours or a full-day.  The workshop provides training to businesses and organisations about Deaf culture, the Deaf community and overcoming communication barriers with Deaf clients including using NZSL and interpreters, to ensure all customers receive a positive experience.

Think.Sign.Connect is usually a 12 hour course run over six weeks.  It introduces individuals to basic NZSL to enable them to be confident when communicating with Deaf people.  As these courses can be tailored specifically to meet your organisation’s communication needs they can be of any duration. To find out more contact Becky Hadfield 021 920 023.

Contact : Kathryn Heard,

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