Electoral Enrolment Centre

The Electoral Enrolment Centre maintains electoral rolls and conducts the Maori Electoral Option. The centre is a self-contained business unit of New Zealand Post Ltd, under contract to the Minister of Justice.

The centre has a team of Registrars of Electors – one for each electorate. The Registrars are responsible for compiling and maintaining the electoral rolls for their electorate. As well as maintaining the electoral rolls on a daily basis and conducting enrolment update campaigns prior to all major electoral events, the Registrars also work in their local communities to encourage eligible electors to enrol. This is to ensure the maximum number of eligible electors are enrolled to vote in Parliamentary, local council and district health board elections, by-elections, referenda and polls.

Visit the website of the Electoral Enrolment Centre.

Project 2012
Engagement to Ethnic communities

ECE aims to engage a wide range of Ethnicities to ensure that they have a voice by enrolling to vote /encouraging them to vote. The project targets the Youth, Maoris, Pacific Islanders and other Ethnic communities.

Contact: Kerina O’Neill, kerina.oneill@elections.org.nz

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