English Language Partners Christchurch

English Language Partners Christchurch works with migrants and refugees offering a range of English Language programmes delivered by a unique blend of qualified professionals and trained volunteers.

Our vision is that migrants and refugees have the opportunity to learn English, to pursue aspirations for themselves and their families, and to participate in all aspects of life in Aotearoa.

Our mission is to provide English language skills and social support for the effective resettlement of adult refugees and migrants in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Projects 2012
ESOL Home Tutor Training for Volunteers

ESOL Home Tutoring is provided by trained volunteer home tutors. 19% of our volunteer home tutors in 2011 were also from a non-English speaking background. Priority for a home tutor is give to learners who are socially isolated, cannot go to classes, and/or are from a refugee background.

ESOL Literacy classes

We provide ESOL-Literacy classes for learners with less than 6 years education in their home country. We deliver this programme “Living Well in Christchurch”, in partnership with Christchurch Resettlement Services and CCS Disability Action, and together provide specialised teachers, bilingual assistants, childcare support, social work support and deaf support workers.

Within this programme we teach deaf preliterate learners NZ Sign Language and literacy, to enable these vulnerable and marginalised learners the chance to communicate and integrate into NZ society, in particular with the NZ deaf society.

English Language Groups in the community

We provide 7 weekly English Language Groups in the community. Three of these classes have a bilingual Chinese-speaking teacher. Classes range from beginner to Intermediate.

English for Employees

Migrant and refugees who hold a permanent residency and are in paid employment can register to attend small classes for 25 hours of free English language support, focusing on workplace English.

English 100

Migrant and refugees who hold a permanent residency and are working towards paid employment can register to attend small classes for 100 hours of free English literacy and numeracy tuition.

For more information contact us on 03 377 3141 or Christchurch@englishlanguage.org.nz

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